about elephant key marketing


Hiya, friend! Let’s get to know each other. I’ll go first.

As a child, I couldn’t get enough of reading. In fact, I frequently got my brother in trouble in school for swiping the books he needed for Language Arts class to read them for fun.

 In high school, I found my niche moving between drama class, Student Council and DECA marketing club. This proved that I was: okay being the center of attention, being a leader and already in love with marketing.

 After getting a degree in Advertising from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (GO BIG REDDDDD!), I packed up my life and moved 1500 miles away to learn about sales from the Arizona Sundogs professional hockey team in Prescott Valley, AZ.

I started my marketing career as an office manager/social media-er for a small (read four total employees) business and BLAM! I realized there was a reason that I would keep getting in trouble for working on marketing projects instead of making sales calls in previous lives. Marketing was my JAM! As I taught myself the ins and outs of email, social media and blogging, I fully realized my first aha about marketing for small businesses:

lead with value.

the elephant and the key

Elephant Key Marketing came to be January 1st, 2016. Buying decisions are ultimately emotional and my job is to help my clients unlock the emotions that drive customer actions. Boom. You’ve just been Elephant Keyed.


While I worked with my first few clients, I realized something: we were creating a lot of amazing content, but the most important factor was tying the individual elements of marketing (blogging, email, social media) together to create an ongoing revenue funnel. This is true for hair stylists who want to book more eyebrow waxings and color sessions to the technology solution providers who are offering multimillion dollar services.


This phase of Elephant Key Marketing is my favorite so far! We’re growing like crazy, helping our customers build out and execute value-forward marketing funnels that provide a consistent stream of customers, revenue and business opportunities. I’ve realized that I can combine all of my favorite things into one dream job:

    • Continuous learning about all things marketing
    • Sharing all of the amazing things I learn every single day
    • Finding the buried treasure in my clients and bringing it to the surface to make them shine online
    • Discovering the best mix of marketing elements to drive business results for my clients
    • Sometimes (every week) working from a cat coffee shop

what does elephant key mean?

Elephants symbolize emotions and since every buying decision is ultimately driven by emotion, Elephant Key means my job is to help unlock emotions that drive customer actions. Annnnd to make you curious about what my business name means.
Mission. Accomplished.😉

let’s get ready to funnelllll!!!

If you’re ready to create a pipeline of dream clients with minimal input, let’s do it!

when i’m not doing all things marketing i am:

» Throwing around weights in the gym

» Cooking something fun and probably experimental

» Doing improv and/or karaoke with with my funny friends

» Spending time watching MST3K & playing golf with my fam

» Reading all the books (especially a good trashy romance novel)

» Snuggling with my managers of CATastrophe, Audrey (R) and Bogart (L)


I would be nothing without my incredible support system! If you think you have the right stuff to join my team, go ahead: make my day. Shoot me an email and we’ll go from there.

Send job inquiry emails to hello@ek.marketing with the subject line: I Want to Join the Dream Team.