21 ways to give value on social media now!

Okay, so you may have noticed that I tell you to add value to your prospects’ lives like every single time I get on social media or post a blog or speak to a group of people or literally any time I open my mouth. Have you picked up on that yet? You might just be thinking,

“I would love to add value to my target market, but I literally don’t know what you mean by that and at this point, I kind of think you’re making it up.”

Well, you’re gonna feel real bad in a second, because I’m not going to give you ONE way to add value to your clients’ lives. I’m going to give you 21 ways.

So, there.


What does value even mean, tho?

First things first: Let’s decide as a group (and by group, I mean me) what it means to provide value to your target market. Pop quiz, hot shot. Is it

A. Writing everyone who engages with your content a check for $42.00?

B. Giving away your best piece of info?

C. Buying everyone on Facebook a pony?

D. Somehow enriching the lives of your current customers and the customers you would like to attract?

E. All of the above?

F. Some of the above, but not everything?

G. None of the above?

H. How many options are too many?

The answer is: Finding a way to enrich the lives of your prospective clients, your ideal customers and your current customer base (which can sometimes include giving away your most valuable piece of info).

I’ll explain why in a second. Here’s the rub, though: value does not mean what YOU find valuable. It’s what your market base finds valuable. The most challenging piece of the puzzle for most of my clients is to create content that resonates with their target market, and not with themselves. This is not a billboard that’s constantly talking about you. It’s a conversation with the people who could benefit from your products and services, a conversation in which you are already proving that you can provide them with value by providing them with value. See what I just did there?


Give away the farm.

Full disclosure: I believe in capitalism. It’s why I run a business, why I work with businesses and why I own so many pairs of shoes (it’s legit a problem). But I don’t believe in it because I’m Scroodge McDuck and I want to swim through my piles of gold. I think everyone benefits from a fair exchange of goods/services/ideas for money. So, I want you to profit from your work. But I want you to give something away, first. Here’s my philosophy, borrowed from copywriting guru Ray Edwards: if you give away your most valuable piece of content, your customers are going to think, “wow, if that’s what they’re giving away for free, I can’t imagine what they’re going to give me in the paid version.” It’s a little trickier with physical goods—you obviously aren’t going to give your customers their first Lexus for free, but you can still give out INFORMATION THEY CAN USE. That’s what we’re all going for here. Give away info from which your customers can derive value.


Cool story. What do I DO, though?

Okay, okay, okay. I get it. Time to put my money where my mouth is (figuratively, that is; money is hella dirty).

Here are 21 ways to provide value to your target markets on social media:

Numbers are cool, especially if they’re relevant to what you do.

This could be related to getting the most out of your product or service, or simply related to an area of their life that overlaps with your relevance.

Pair it with an attention-grabbing image made in Canva or Adobe Sparkpost.

Everyone loves to laugh; give the people what they want.

What are some cheat codes you’ve developed?

Visually explain something your target market needs to know.

What’s something your customers routinely ask? Answer it on social.

Start a dialogue to get to know your community.

Let your community get to know you and your team.

Share a great article by a thought leader in your field (besides you).

Show your customers how you leverage your expertise to improve your life.

They can be fun, pertinent or weird—facts are the best

Give your audience an idea of what goes on behind closed doors.

Build authenticity and trust by showing your real self.

National donut day? May the Fourth? Hug your boss day? Find something your customers will like and have fun.

Give your audience an either/or question. Bonus: use this for research on their pain points.

Cover an important topic in a live video.

Open up the floor and let your audience ask you anything. Note: proceed with caution.

Reading a great book your audience will be interested in? Let everyone know!

You have random thoughts? Wait. I have random thoughts. Know who else does? Your audience! 

Find something you learned the hard way and share it for your customers so they can learn it the easy way.

 Leave me a comment and tell me which of these you’re going to use in your future posts. Happy socialing!

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