5 Roadblocks for Organic B2B Social Media

Ahhh, organic social media: the cause of (and solution to) all of life’s problems.

Okay, that MIGHT be a bit of hyperbole, but organic social media absolutely, without a doubt, has a solid place in a multi-channel marketing strategy. The challenge is that many marketing agencies that work with B2B businesses run into common roadblocks that hamstring you. Whether it’s inconsistent content, challenges coming up with content ideas, or aligning it with your overall strategy, here are some very common roadblocks with organic client social and how you can overcome them for victory for all.

    1. Misaligned Strategies

    Emails and PPC and lead gen, oh my! With all of those balls in the air, how do you fit one more stupid thing into the mix without losing your mind? Organic social media should enhance your other marketing activities, not detract from them. So let your social media pro (*ahem*) in the loop with upcoming events and campaigns. If you’re working with the right pro (*ahem ahem*), they will help you fill in the gaps and reinforce the messaging of your campaigns with rock-solid social.

    2. Lacking Content

    Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time I heard “there’s nothing for us to post about,” I would be writing this from my yacht with my personal attendant, Paolo. UNTIL that day (hold tight, P), I can tell you that there is an unending supply of content to post about on social media. It’s about leveraging some of the best B2C concepts but executing them in a way that makes sense for a B2B market.

    3. Lacking Pictures

    This one is a little more challenging. Pictures of ice cream and shoes? NP. Pictures of regulatory practices for engineers and land surveyors? A little bit more challenging. But def not impossible. Some of my rules for B2B imagery includes not being precious about professional photography vs. smartphone pics, getting the team in on the act, and using infographics and (some) stock pics to round out your content.

    4. Growth Stagnation

    When I started professional social media 11 years ago (I was 9), it was much, much easier to organically grow business social media pages. In the B2B space, one of the best ways I’ve found to get engagement on content is to cross-post to the pages of key stakeholders. It strengthens your engagement, and it’s a great way to exponentially increase your reach.

    5. Inconsistent Posting

    Look, this can happen to the best of us. I even miss a day for myself every now and then. BUT the key to consistently posting is working from a strategy. Frequently, agencies will post for a new blog, webinar, or lead magnet but go silent the rest of the time. Having a strategy that outlines peripheral posts to keep readers engaged the rest of the time is key to consistent performance.

    Is this not for your agency?

    There is no shame in your “social media isn’t our thing” game. This isn’t for everyone, and it’s almost like that’s the wholeeeee point. That’s totally cool. What’s not cool is not doing them because you don’t want to. What’s very cool is finding an amazing resource to help you implement these strategies for your marketing agency B2B clients who need social media in a way that’s affordable and high value to get the work done without actually doing it. Coolio?

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