5 tired lead gen strategies

New Year’s Eve is my second favorite holiday. And since it’s just a couple of months away, I thought we’d get a jump on things and start working on your New Year’s resolutions NOW to avoid the rush.

Grab your gym membership, schedule a time to clean out that scary closet and (most importantly) let’s take all of the hacky old lead gen strategies to the curb to make room for activities that work.

Let’s explore some of the tired lead generation that isn’t hitting the mark anymore and what you can do instead to find new clients and sell deeper into your current base.




The problem: Using solely organic social media to a small audience. 

Why it’s tired: Social media platforms are still a great place for posting content, but they’re pretty saturated.  Gaining real traction solely with organic posting is tough.

Do This Instead: It’s still very important to have a consistent presence on social media, but it should be paired with an aggressive growth strategy and/or ads to build up a reasonable audience to see the content you’re posting.

I’ve recently started focusing on my own social media growth (cobbler’s children go barefoot, amirite?), and within about 30 days we’ve doubled my Instagram following. Within that time I’ve also seen my post engagement skyrocket and received multiple direct messages from prospective clients. Build your base. Then the work you put into your social media presence will create more ROI.


The problem: Sliding into DMs with an immediate pitch.

Why it’s tired: Social media platforms are still a great place for posting content, but they’re pretty saturated.  Gaining real traction solely with organic posting is tough.

Do this instead: I 100% think it’s possible to connect with prospective clients and partners via DMs (see example above). BUT there has to be a conversation and trust building that go along with it. So if you’re going to use DMs as a part of your marketing strategy, it’s important to start a conversation and provide value before your pitch. This ideally should be automated and paired with a full nurture strategy that slowly builds a relationship with your customers.


Tired strategy: Using the freebie giveaway organically as your only client-finding plan.

Why it’s tired: They’re on to us! And there are too many lead magnets that just don’t do enough, or they attract people who are adverse to spending money.

Do this instead: I also still love lead magnets (like a whitepaper, a giveaway, a worksheet or eBook), but they should be paired with ads as a comprehensive strategy. If your budget doesn’t allow for this, a better option might be a tripwire (small paid item). This helps you to break even on the ad spend and activate buyers. Warning: this works best with a fully formed offer ladder to maximize your revenue in the process.


Tired strategy: Jumping into random groups and spamming the heck out of them.

Why it’s tired: Most groups have rules today that prevent spamming, and it’s so much work for so little ROI.  

Do this instead: Groups are a still a decent place to network but only if you belong there and can provide value. Start with engaging, answering questions and developing relationships, then connecting with members via your profile and going from there. A next level strategy is to combine this with attending/hosting events and taking/hosting courses/groups where you’re in touch with active buyers.


Tired strategy: Posting organically saying, “I’m looking for [X] people who want to get [RESULT]

Why it’s tired: We know this will mean buying a service from you, and it’s likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Do this instead: Use a more comprehensive funnel system to lead with value before asking someone to join in a high-ticket purchase. This could include a tripwire (low-level item) to activate buyers and then lead them to a higher ticket price point, a webinar to warm up leads before you’re asking for a big purchase, or a presentation to interested parties to book more sales calls.


It’s time to inject some serious energy into your lead gen for 2022 and kiss the old-school, ineffective and time-consuming processes goodbye for good!  A lot of the best practices in today’s marketing landscape include having a complete tier of offers to warm up your audience. If you don’t have that blueprint yet, I can help!


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