5 Ways to Align Organic and Paid Social Media

Being a big fan of The Godfather, there are a ton of lessons we can learn from the Don, Et al., about business. 

Lessons like: 

    1. Leave the gun, take the cannoli
          Knowing what to leave behind and what to take with you is vital

    2. Make them an offer they can’t refuse
           Your offer should ultimately be a no-brainer

    3. Go to the mattresses
          Gird up and go get ‘em, tiger

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that you have to buy the olive oil. Meaning if the social media platforms are the “Dons” of the social media space, and you play their game and pay for ads, there will be benefits for all of your content. 

Here’s the thing about paid and organic social: it’s not like the Corleones and the Barzinis. They can play well together. In fact, with proper planning, a solid organic strategy can enhance your paid efforts. Here’s how!

1. Introduce Your Team

If the paid content is focused on lead gen or sales (and it should be), you can leverage organic social media to focus on the people. Show your prospective customers who are curious to learn more about your business who they’re buying from (because, remember, we buy from those we know, like, and trust).

2. Demonstrate Your Expertise

If you want viewers to believe you have the capacity to help them solve their problems with your solutions, leverage the power of organic social media to share ancillary information about that expertise. From years in business to awards, certifications, and presentations, organic social can boost your expertise.

3. Share Similar Customer Experiences


Don’t just ask your customers to take YOUR word for what you’re selling them in ads. Share the testimonials of customers just like them. This is called social proof, and it’s an incredibly valuable currency in the marketing world.

4. Agitate Their Problems


If your service or solution solves the customer problem, and the ads address the solution to the problem, your organic social media can agitate these problems to remind the reader why they want to solve them. This could mean potential long-term issues, stats or data or creating a better sense of urgency.

5. Address Their Objections


One of the coolest things you can do in your social is to address common customer sales objections in organic social to pre-frame your sale. So post common objections in the form of fun facts and info or DYKs.

If you want to leverage the power of organic social media but don’t have the bandwidth to implement it yourself, we’ve got you covered! Our team can work with the creative you have planned while creating on-brand, gorgeous social media to align with your paid content.

Start here!

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