6 Social Post Ideas to Swipe for Your Clients

Time to get your mask, striped shirt, and a canvas bag with dollar signs on it, we’re going swiping!

Over the past 12+ years of marketing, I’ve noticed some trends in posts that typically work well, regardless of industry, client base, target market, and company size.

So get to swiping and “borrow” these six killer social media marketing posts today!

1. Employee UGC

This is one of my best-kept secrets for client content, and it’s been hugely successful in the companies I’ve worked with who have implemented it. UGC is much more well-known in the B2C space, where businesses encourage their customers to submit photos and videos for promotional use. The twist here is that we’re doing the same thing for B2B organizations, but we’re having the employees submit the content.


  • Behind the scenes
  • Having fun and being playful
  • Doing good work for clients

2. Just the FAQs

It’s always been a dream of mine to make a Dragnet pun in marketing material, and here we are! One of the post types I love to create for my clients are FAQ posts, but there’s a catch. Instead of just answering frequently asked questions, we are pre-framing common customer objections and then alleviating them with your solution.


  • Pricing queries
  • Processes and onboarding
  • Addressing service quality
  • Unique selling points

3. Memes & Funny Posts

I can’t think of an industry for which an occasional humorous post would not be a good idea. I know a lot of you are worried about your clients resisting, but fun, funny, or relatable content is a great way to *GASP* help your clients take themselves a little less seriously and connect more with their target market.


  • Memes
  • “Caption this!” photos
  • Jokes
  • GIFs

4. Protips

This one is a littttttle controversial, and I am 100% okay with that. We love posting protips on behalf of our agency clients and their customers! While it’s likely not teaching the end viewer something they don’t already know, it is showing them that your clients know their stuff. Think of it like a humble brag on behalf of your clients. You can even tailor your protips to specific services, events, or consultations you want to promote.


  • Stats and facts
  • How to [insert common function of your client here]
  • Mini listicles and carousels
  • Problems and solutions

5. Certs & Trainings

Speaking of a humble brag, time to dust off some of the certifications, specialties and trainings your clients have and post about ‘em on social media. Not only does this demonstrate authority, but it makes it easier for prospective clients who require these elements to understand your customers have what they need.


  • Certifications your clients’ staff holds
  • Trainings given or taken by the client and their team
  • Levels of education and licensure for applicable specialties

6. Weird and Very Normal Holidays

I always recommend acknowledging the major holidays on social media. It’s just a way to humanize your clients’ brands and make them more accessible, in addition to maintaining a presence. But I also love fun holidays that are industry-adjacent. Have a client in the transportation industry? Post about National Road Trip Day. Silly? Yes. The kind of content that makes your clients seem more human? Also yes.


  • National holidays and office closures
  • Fun, weird holidays
  • Months/weeks acknowledging and celebrating overlapping fields/demographic
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