7 Key Social Media Posts for B2B Companies

“There’s nothing to post about on our social media.”
-B2B business owners who are wrong

Storytime! When I was a brand new baby marketer, the business I worked for used an SEO blogging strategy to help our organization rank higher for keywords like event parking. Cut to me writing microblogs about parking garages in downtown Omaha.

That’s why I don’t believe people when they tell me there’s nothing to post about on social media. There is always something to post about on social.

That’s the good news. Want the better news? Because this is a common assumption in B2B spaces, if your clients dare to even try, they’ll stand out among their competition who gave up before they started. Need some ideas? I gotchu, boo! Here are some must-use B2B social media posts to use right this minute. 


This is a classic, but oft-overlooked category. People need to know what your client does and how they do it better. So break your clients’ offerings up into specific categories and spotlight a few a month. If they only do one thing, break it up into different target markets or angles of benefit.


What makes your clients’ organizations tick? What are the foundational values that they ensure the team is integrating into their daily operations? Whatever those are, share them with your audience and speak to why they matter for the customer.


File this under the category of know, like, and trust. Introducing members of your client team via social media is clutch for helping their audience gain familiarity and start the relationship before they’ve ever had a conversation.


One of the easiest ways to communicate your authority and knowledge within your industry is by defining key terms that impact your clients’ customers in relation to your clients’ solution(s). It’s a way to make technical information more accessible and highlight clients’ USPs around that topic.


Whom doesn’t LOVE a good statistic? Nobody. Incorporate stats that are fun, interesting, or persuasive to your clients’ industries and target markets, backed with a rock-solid CTA that aligns with the corresponding offer. It’s a great way to educate and sell. Sellducate? Edusale? We’ll work on it.


There are so many events that are share-worthy on social, and our clients don’t even recognize some of the opportunities. There are the most obvious choices, like webinars and activities your clients are hosting. Cool. But what about the office birthday parties, award ceremonies, volunteer events, planning sessions, and professional training? Highlight that ish, yo!


Social proof is valuable in the B2B space, too! You can pull kudos from emails, snag testimonials from the website or ask your clients to ask their customers for a quick quote, but you’d best be sharing those thumbs ups from your clients’ happy campers

If this sounds like a lot… 

…that’s because it is. TBH, we’re just scratching the surface of the opportunities for B2B businesses to post consistently on social media. This is assuming they don’t have any blog content, lead magnets, or video content that’s PSM (prime social material). If your agency knows you need to be doing this stuff and you just don’t wanna, that’s totally cool. We do. 

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