The Power of Outsourcing Client Organic Social Media

True story: I had the worst nightmare the other night. In my dream, it was 12:30 on New Year’s Day, and I realized I didn’t have a single social media post that was scheduled to go out for any of my clients.

Thankfully, it was just a dream. I woke up with a pounding heart but quickly realized that we have weeks of high-quality content loaded and ready to post for all of my clients.

But that’s not by accident. So if you’re in a real version of my bad dream, where you don’t know what you’re going to post for your clients’ social over the next few weeks, let me introduce you to the power of outsourced social media.

Social Media Matters

Do you even need organic social media for your clients? The short answer is… yes. It’s highly advantageous to create an organic social media presence for your clients. Here’s why:

  • It’s an opportunity for revenue
    Organic social media is a great opportunity for an add-on service. You can bill your clients monthly without having to execute the work or hire another staff member to manage.


  • It enhances your marketing activities
    Organic social is a great way to boost your primary marketing activities. Social content that is aligned with email campaigns, lead magnets and paid media strengthens your message. 
  • It’s a sexy way to show progress
    Many big campaigns take a long time to get off the ground. While you’re perfecting the rest of your efforts, we can typically get social media going within a couple of weeks, enabling you to show progress while you build the big stuff.

So should you outsource?

It kind of depends. We’re not here to steamroll anyone, but there are absolutely some powerful benefits to bringing in an outsider. Reasons like:


More Efficient Use Of Your Resources

I’ve said this before, but when I started doing social media, I had to do it late at night, after work hours, because I had too much to do during the day. I did it because I love social, but TBH I got burned out pretty fast.

Is that something you really want to do with your copywriters? Creative fatigue is real, and if you’re stopping their sales, web, and asset copy to do social you risk tired captions, tired writers, or both. 

Much better to bring in a team that can create epic social using the copy from your content while saving them from burnout.

Save Time & Money

It’s really difficult for smaller agencies to know how to invest their revenue. Is it time for another hire? Is a social media person the right move? Hopefully, someday you will have so many clients you need a social media team (go you!).

But if it’s not the right move right this second, or you don’t have the bandwidth to take care of the hiring process, or you’ve just lost a team member and don’t want to replace them, white-labeled social media is a great option. 

The right company can flex right in, be client-facing or pretend they don’t exist, and hit the ground running with outstanding content and minimal input from you to start socialing ASAP. They can work with your scheduling tools or bring their own and work as an extension of your team.  

Bonus! The right agency will scale with you and offer you package levels based on your needs to shrinkwrap your services exactly to your needs.


Get A Fresh Set Of Eyes

Sometimes the challenge with client social is that you and your team are too close to the work to have perspective. Sometimes it’s just that you don’t have experience in an industry or doing social for certain types of clients (read: B2B, dry, challenging).

Either way, getting a fresh set of eyes that are looking for creative and unusual ways to create social media content is a great recharge for your whole team. The right fit will quickly zero in on the established tone and voice while coming to the table with ideas for new posts.


In Conclusion

Outsourcing your client social media isn’t always the right choice. For example, using the wrong resource for this can cost you a lot of time and money. But the right resource can absolutely be a lifesaver if they have experience working with agencies and are clinically addicted to creating outstanding social media for their clients.

Have questions? Start here!

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