where does social media fit in?

“Do you even go here?”
-Your Clients, to social media

If you’re a marketing agency, chances are roughly 100% that you are aware of social media marketing. They might be requesting it, you might be trying to chat with them about it, or it just might be one of those things you feel like you should be doing but don’t know if it’s worth the headache.

So as you have those vital convos about your upcoming and ongoing campaigns with clients, here are a few “insert here” moments to leverage the power of social media for the win for you AND your client base!

Boosted Branding

If you tell me your client’s brand is Instagram or TikTok, I’m gonna call you a dirty liar (unless Mark Zucker is reading this, in which case allow me to apologize, sir). The social media platforms should not be the branding but are the perfect place to showcase an organization’s branding! This means leveraging social posts, graphics and video to:


  • Reinforce company messaging and values
  • Leverage images, copy and tone to quickly communicate exactly who they are
  • Post content in a strategy that informs the overall mission as an organization

Build an Audience

Did you know that at least 70% of people between the ages of 18 and 64 use social media daily (and the younger generations are much higher than 70%)?

Chances are at least some of your clients have targets in this age range, so social media is an amazing place to start getting in front of their dream customers.

Sure, WHICH PLATFORM YOU USE will vary greatly by industry, target market, use, etc.

Bottom line is that social media is one of the channels you should be using to say “I’m HERE” to your client’s targets.

Create a Trust Tree

Or circle. Or whatever. Social media is a great way to start the process of building trust for your clients with their target markets. It’s starting the 7-20 touches (I’ve heard numbers all over the place) required to make a purchase.

Some of your clients will be able to complete that purchase right from social media platforms (more on that later), and some will need more touches (also more on that later).

Either way, the best way to create a trust tree? Provide value! There’s no better way to build trust than to make the first overture with a lil help from the value fairy. This could mean providing education, entertainment or simply starting a convo. The bottom line? Come to the table with something to give.

Send Your Audience Somewhere

Okay, so you’ve gotten your clients’ platforms all set up, the branding and messaging are on point, and you’ve offered some value nuggets (honestly, I might be hungry but this sounds like a dollar menu item I would eat the hell out of). What next? The next step is getting your customers to GO SOMEWHERE. Options include:

  • A blog post, article or piece of long-form content
  • A video, podcast or audio file
  • A sales or subscription page 

Start Converting ASAP

What’s the whole point to all of this? Spoiler alert: it’s to convert your clients’ audience(s) into customers. For some of your clients that means buying directly from social, from their website or a landing page between the two.

For some clients it simply means collecting leads and handing them over to the sales team. Whichever option (or combination of the two) is right for your clients, social media is one of the best channels for every step in the process.

 I hope this info helps you understand exactly where social media fits into the grand scheme of things with your clients to make the best decisions about their campaigns.


So if you’re like cool story, bro, but I can’t even with this stuff, what’s next? We gotchu! My team is built for this ish, so let us do the daily social media and you do you, boo! Start here! 

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