why DIY social isn’t right for every agency

Organic social media is kind of polarizing for many agencies. For some, it’s a great part of your work, and your team loves it. For others, it’s the bane of your existence, and it’s the thing that gets pushed to the bottom of your to-do list daily while you stare at it with dread.

If you fall in the former category, that’s awesome! Get that social! If you’re in the latter category, that’s awesome too! Organic social media isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s 100% okay. The question is: what should you do about it? Keep on keeping on? That might be the best course of action, but it also might be a terrible idea. 

Here are 5 reasons DIY Organic Social Media Might Be a Terrible Idea

1. It Pulls Your Team’s Focus

There’s a lot to keep up with on social media. Facebook… I mean Meta… changes something regularly, LinkedIn and Twitter are no better and don’t get me started on new platforms and their impact on current platform preferences. It’s hard to focus on more than one specialty in marketing. So asking your copywriters to keep a finger on the pulse of social means they’re missing important info about content, sales copy, and email marketing.

2. It Sucks Your Bandwidth

Speaking of bandwidth, let’s chat about creative fatigue for a sec. This is real. As a long-time copywriter, I can assure you that there are only so many words that one can write in a day. Your copy team will obviously start with the most important stuff and leave everything else for the end of the day, which can mean a dip in quality OR writer burnout, OR both.

3. It’s Not a Priority

Remember how I said your copy team will leave this aspect of their work until the end of the day? It’s completely understandable. But that means the content that comes can look like it was done at the end of the day and isn’t as fresh, attention-grabbing, or unique. Understandable? Yes. Still a problem? Also yes.

4. It’s Not on Strategy

We know you’re working from a strategy for all of your marketing efforts, but many smaller agencies pencil in “organic social” and leave it at that. Zero judgment from me (I know how hard it is to manage that many moving pieces). But it’s challenging to take that alone and come out with cohesive social media posts that align with the overall strategy, the client’s core values, and target market.

5. There are Too Many Errors

I run a social media marketing agency, and guess how much time we spend on copy/graphics? About 50%. The rest of our time is spent planning and on (drumroll, please): quality assurance. We have a four-point check system that we use with multiple team members to make sure all of the content that goes out is on point. That takes a lot of effort (trust me on that ?), and it’s hard to do if it’s an add-on.

What’s a savvy agency to do?

So, if organic social media isn’t your thing and it’s not your team’s thing, what’s an agency to do to produce quality social media? I think the Beatles said it best: get by with a little help from your friends. Hi, friend! My team is built specifically to provide quality organic social media for agencies and their clients. Think it might be a good fit? Click here!!

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