5 Steps to Prepare Your Agency for Client Organic Social Media Support

With the increasing importance of maintaining a consistent presence on social media for your marketing agency clients and the increased importance of not winding up taking a grippy sock vacation in a padded room, many smart, attractive, charismatic, and funny agency owners have reached out to me to help support organic social media in a way that is super high quality, low touch and makes you look better (like that’s even possible 😉).

If this sounds like you (attractive, smart, snappy dresser, etc), then let’s gooooo!! But first, I want to set us both up for success so one day I can be typing, and you can be reading, this blog on our respective yachts. Cool? Here’s what we should do!

1. Get on the same page about objectives

Look, there are some things social media can do for long-cycle and large B2B sales and some things social media cannot do. 

Cans include: demonstrating authority, introducing your team, spotlighting services, busting myths and misconceptions, and starting the many touches that are required for building a relationship to get to the deal.

So let’s figure out a way to come up with measurable objectives that we can track to judge our success in the goals you have with your clients.

2. Establish a working process

There’s nothing a good system can’t fix (except my inability to draw a straight liquid eyeline). We’ve got systems for dayyyysss- systems for outlines, graphics, captions, revisions, approvals, scheduling and reviews. You mostly don’t have to worry about most of those components, just know I come to the table with a process for creating content from outline to scheduling, and I will let you know how and where your input is necessary to keep things running like clockwork.

3. Create an on-brand strategy

Don’t think I’m not a social media content idea machine, because (as weird as it is), that is exactly what I am. I come to the table with ideas on ideas on ideas for post content types and examples. We just need to align to ensure that my ideas and your strategy are on the same page. So we need you to provide your brand guides, language and tone references and overarching marketing strategy + any assets  you have and then we run with it. Coolio?

4. Share your assets

Got pics, videos, lead magnets, eBooks, webinars, landing pages, etc? Sharing is caring. And don’t get me wrong, we will absolutely stalk the client website for blog posts, articles, links, solution pages, and such. But whatever you can send (with explanations) will save us all time down the road. Don’t forget to help us get access to your clients’ social accounts while we’re at it.

5. Get on the same page about feedback

Feedback? I love feedback. Seriously. It’s one of the most valuable stages of the process for us. Little tweaks to language, tone, voice, direction, graphic preferences, and brand application help us so much in the process of aligning the content to your vision So the more input you have in the first couple of rounds of content, the easier it is for us to hit a homerun afterward.

Want to know the secret sixth step to preparing to work with EKM for done-for-you organic social media services? Clear out that inbox. Clients LOVE to see high-quality social media marketing on their pages so get ready to look like an absolute ROCK STAR. We’re soooo happy to get you all the credit while we just geek out in the background and are happy that you look good.

Let’s Goooo!

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